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War Heritage Institute

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'De Groote Oorlog voorbij: 1918-1928'

Belgium has undergone profound changes, such as the rest of the world during the first World War. Society is struggling with disruption and at the same time reviving. The War Heritage Insitute shows, with the temporary exhibition ‘De Groote oorlog voorbij: 1918-1928’, the big themes such as: the final offensive, the liberation, the period shortly after the war, the geopolitical revolutions, the economic reconstruction, the mourning process and the memories, the socio-political and the socio-cultural changes.

The exhibition includes exceptional pieces from the extensive WHI-collection, from national and international museums. The testimonials and decors from ‘Les Années folles’ and the interactive tools brings an atmospheric surprise and emotional feeling in the exhibition.

Bruns produced custom made plinths, showcases and graphic elements in a short period. The various exceptional collection pieces in the showcases required an appropriate approach for the installation.



Photography: Jarusalem Pierard