ROBOCASE nominated for the Heritage in Motion Award 2018

Press release - Bergeijk, 6 September, 2018 - Robocase received a nomination for the ‘Heritage in Motion Award’ in the category ‘Games & Interactive Experiences’. That is announced by the Heritage in Motion jury.

The Robocase was developed by Kiss the Frog and Bruns. Robocase is a showcase that brings objects closer to the visitor, using a robot arm to pick them up and display them.Visitors can explore their chosen object on a personal console alongside a multimedia presentation on the touchscreen. This unique showcase has been nominated for the ‘Heritage in Motion Award’. The unique case is nominated for the ‘Heritage in Motion Award’.

Alexander Zwennes, director of Kiss the Frog says: ‘’We’ve received many enthusiastic responses, and this nomination confirms our feeling.The Robocase brings innovation to the in the museum branch and offers new possibilities when it comes to displaying delicate objects.’’

The prize is awarded annually by a selected committee of producers, directors and other representatives from the multimedia branch. Heritage in Motion is a competition for the creators and users of games related to Europe’s cultural heritage. The Heritage in Motion Awards will be handed out on the 21th September 2018 in Aarhus, Denmark at the Annual Conference of the European Museum Academy. 

The Robocase is showcased at Bruns in Bergeijk, The Netherlands. More information on