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Space Travel

Living in space is a temporary exhibition that immerses visitors of all ages in the world of space travel and science. There is a world created where you as a visitor can discover which current techniques and themes play a role in realising the dream: to continue living outside the earth.

The Museon wants to stimulate young people’s interest in science and technology. The exhibition makes visitors think and inspire, because it shows everything about how humans can move to other planets. The public can do skills training, put acquired technical skills into practice and discover how people live, work and sleep in the spaceship.

The new insights of the science about traveling in the space and the extraterrestrial existence are presented on the basis of a combination of exciting interactive exhibitions. The audience is taken in the story line on the basis of three themes:
- Find habitable planets;
- To another planet;
- On the new planet.

The entire exhibition was created in close collaboration between Bruns and the Museon. Special about this project was that both parties, including the Museon itself, were half responsible for the realization. Bruns has made a number of complex and large pieces that the Museon was unable to produce due to lack knowledge, space or material. To reach the maximum in terms of interactivity in a realistic and somewhat pragmatic way, Bruns has built in existing exhibits and other previously realized arrangements by Bruns according to the design of the design agency Designwolf. To guarantee the construction and appearance of the entire exhibition by both parties, Bruns and the Museon worked together with one and the same supplier.

Living in space was opened on 19 October 2018 by the man who knows everything about the space travel: André Kuipers and can be seen in the Museon until 1 September 2019.


Photography: Sarah Dona