South Limburg Tourist Office


Led by Edith Kurris

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Visit South Limburg Experience

“Our world changed and we change whit it”: says Anya Niewierra, Managing Director of visit South Limburg, during the launch of de new name and logo. The oldest tourist information office in the Netherlands has changed its name after 134 years. The reason for this was the growth in the number of foreign guests and de changing role of the VVV. Anya Niewierra explains: “The name VVV mainly refers to our information task. However, we do more than that. Besides providing information and taking care of the marketing, we operate a route point, an event point and an online ticket service. Also we write tourist visions and prayer books, advise companies and governments, do market research and realize European projects.” In short, the organization has become a booster and connector in tourism. The word ‘Visit’ in the name has been chosen, because it is known to younger generations and foreign guests. What similar the target group is where the focus will be on the coming years.

The renewed location in Valkenburg is now the Visit South Limburg Experience, where the word inspire is central. The new experience enters the role as shop and source of inspiration for a further visit to the region. In a contemporary manner the visitor experience the trusted services and difference experiences. For example, the visitor is greeted by the locals of Valkenburg who, after a welcome by Mayor Jan Schreven, take the guest to their favourite spot. There is also, for example, the new virtual reality film about South Limburg, which can be viewed with VR glasses. This film introduces the visitor to the eventful history of South Limburg as source of Europe. In the green screen photo studio the visitor can be photographed at a unique location in South Limburg. For example, it is possible to stand on the stage of the famous Pinkpop festival. In addition, the many tourist highlights of South Limburg are shown on various online screens. The visitor can of course book events, taste regional products, buy the VVV Gift Card or get personal advice from one of the expert employees. After all, it remains a reliable tourist office.