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About Bruns

Curiosity. That is what drives us. We love to find out how things work. Or why they won’t work. To come up with a solution. A solution that ensures that what we make are not just inanimate objects, but real experiences. That encourage visitors to be curious. We believe that an idea only really comes to life as soon as you can actually touch it. If you want people to touch something, you first have to make them curious.

We accept only one result and that is: the best. And we achieve the best by giving every project – however large or small – the attention it deserves. So that it becomes a beauty to behold. Stimulating. Trend-setting. Sustainable. We do this because we are curious ourselves. About what we can achieve when we dedicate our years of experience, knowledge and attention to one single project: your project.


This is how Bruns works

Our contribution to projects is driven by an ambitious goal: to offer visitors a complete experience and maximum educational value. All our employees share this ambition. You will find it in the way we cooperate, in our flexibility and in our dedication.

At Bruns you will benefit from the unique combination of years of experience and the urge to continue learning. To challenge ourselves with new materials, new methods and improved techniques.

For each project, we adapt the composition of our teams to your requirements. Whether you run a museum, a science center, or a visitors' center; we will make sure that your content developer and your design agency are matched with the right people from Bruns. This guarantees an intensive and fruitful collaboration.

We are only satisfied with the very best quality, robustness and sustainability. That way you know exactly how things stand. That is the security you get when you choose a reliable partner. Bruns will give you added value for your investment.

That level of reliability is reflected in our certificates. We are proud of our ISO 9001:2008 certificate - the well-known quality mark - and the VCA* (2008/5.1) quality mark. VCA is the Safety, Health and Environment Checklist for Contractors. Both of these certificates have been awarded to us year in year out following strict audits. They are proof of how seriously we take quality and safety.


Jan Burgmans
Managing director

Tinie Burgmans
Office manager

Bo Burgmans
Managing director

Pim Burgmans
Managing director


  • Open vacancy

    Do you love technology and are you interested in culture? Would you like to work as a member of a team of specialists and do you customers' interests first? We are regularly on the lookout for enthusiastic people to help us really make a difference. Call us or send us a letter of application to personeelszaken@bruns.nl. After all, our expanding organisation is the ideal environment to develop your talents and contribute to high-quality end products. Read More ...